The Engagement Fabric

A core information structure for engagement-led architctures

The Engagement Fabric (Example)

Enterprise marketing technologies have evolved tremendously in the past ten years. We have gone from home-grown solutions through packaged software suites to composability and headless paradigms.

We live in what some people call the exponential age, where networks converge, and consumers of products and services are inundated with information with few tools to discern the signal from the noise.

In this context, MarTech in the enterprise has become an indispensable system with an intrinsic level of complexity that leaves most businesses paralyzed, struggling to keep pace and fighting to innovate and lead.

Within this environment, customer experiences and Engagement have become multi-dimensional elements businesses must manage effectively. Still, most lack the concepts and frameworks to define, document, connect and communicate this element across business departments and functions.

This paper explores the Engagement Fabric, the concepts, frameworks, and approaches required to build advanced capabilities to allow businesses to model, cultivate and activate modern human-to-business relationships.