CX-Led Architecture V.2.0

A framework to design Enterprise MarTech Architectures and drive business growth.

Cx-Led Architecture example diagram

CX-Led Architecture

The idea behind CX-Led Architecture is to create and visualize the state of all elements and interactions that power Customer Experience in an organization. Construct this visualization gradually and in line with the organization's view of its value proposition and values.

When we refer to an outside-in approach, it's about taking the customers' viewpoint to start designing and building the architecture. Creating or mapping customer journeys or experience flows is a critical activity.

Other elements such as business process analysis, technical architectures, platform analysis, organizational structure and team structure are architecture components that require documentation.

The resulting artefacts should describe how the system's design is responsive to the customers' needs in an outside-in motion.

An Outise-in approach to MarTech

In this book you will read about:

  1. Digital Transformation: Enterprise-scale change
  2. Customers as the center of business needs
  3. The link between Customer & Technology
  4. CX-Led Architecture: Design to connect
  5. Approach
  6. Principles
  7. Components
  8. Concepts
  9. Artefacts
  10. Benefits and Impact