Inspiring innovation. An evolutionary bridge between marketing and technology

The CMTO Advantage: Uniting Marketing, Technology, and Strategy

Uncover the dynamic intersection where the relentless currents of marketing and technology merge in the role of a Chief Marketing Technology Officer (CMTO). An influential player in the world of business, the CMTO bridges these two distinct yet intertwined realms, continually adapting and innovating amidst the evolving landscapes of both disciplines.

A CMTO is no ordinary executive. They are a rare breed, equally adept in the creative world of marketing as in the algorithmic domain of technology. This unique position requires the finesse to navigate the fluctuating trends of marketing and the acumen to leverage the latest technological advancements. In essence, they masterfully construct a bridge between these two worlds, creating harmony from complexity.

Explore the fascinating journey of a CMTO as they charter the unsteady waters of marketing and technology, bringing together the imaginative spirit of marketers with the precise logic of technologists. They not only understand and harness cutting-edge technologies to supercharge marketing initiatives but also align and manage a vast array of marketing tech ecosystems to ensure seamless interoperability and peak performance.

Dive deep into the world of the CMTO and witness how this unique role is revolutionizing businesses by boosting customer engagement, enhancing data-driven decision-making, and fostering cross-functional synergy. With their hands firmly on the steering wheel of strategic direction, they lead the charge in digital transformation and promote a culture of relentless innovation.

The CMTO role symbolizes a new era in business, a time where the artistry of marketing intertwines with the sophistication of technology, where human intuition collaborates with AI, and where customer-focused strategies are energized by data and technology.

Join us in uncovering the power of the CMTO - a bridge between marketing and technology - in today's rapidly transforming digital age. Because understanding the role of a CMTO might just be your key to navigating the future of business successfully.

Business Innovation

The Engagement Fabric

Marketing Technology architects are tasked with developing and implementing novel strategies that empower organizations to stay ahead of the ever-evolving marketing technology landscape.

As our industry transforms at an unprecedented pace, it's essential to recognize that relying on outdated tools and frameworks from the past won't suffice for what's ahead. We must embrace the current reality of the industry and adapt accordingly, regardless of our MarTech maturity level.

The Engagement Fabric is a sophisticated approach to onboard advanced concepts and uplift capabilities in existing marketing technology ecosystems to implement modern and engagement-led strategies.

White Paper - The Engagement Fabric
Marketing Technology - The Engagement Fabric
Author Henry Hernandez-Reveron - The Engagement Fabric
Executive Summary - The Engagement Fabric
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Strategic views

MarTech Maturity Model

A maturity model helps understand from multiple angles the different levels of operational capabilities that support the MarTech function. We have developed a five-stage MarTech Maturity Model to help experts and businesses, in general, to map areas of their practice and understand and identify improvement paths.

This model will guide businesses to implement highly sophisticated capabilities to support what's required to perform a modern marketing technology strategy.

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Check our MarTech Glossary and find any term, concept, and acronym in enterprise martech.

Macro outlook
MarTech Capabilities Utilization graphic
Perceived utilization of MarTech capabilities

Many reports state the perceived underutilization of MarTech capabilities being as low as a 42% in 2022 with a drop from a 58% in 2020.

Though is common to find organizations where the utilization of their tech stack is relatively low, it's also important to understand that MarTech as a complex and always evolving system needs to be managed to mitigate issues like underutilization.

The Global Marketing Automation Market Graphic
The global marketing automation market

In a trend that has been confirmed year after year, the Marketing Automation global market is set to grow for years to come until it passes US$10 Billion by 2030.

With the increasing fragmentation and proliferation of channels and touchpoints, automation is one of the most useful tools in MarTech. It's expected that automation combined with new technologies will support marketing initiatives for the next generation of strategies.

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